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Belvilla’s Seasonal Inspiration: Summertime | Belvilla Holiday Homes

Summer: Time to Get Away! Fancy a break? Are you looking for the cool of the mountains or would you prefer a Mediterranean atmosphere this year? With Belvilla, you’re always in the right place. Whether it’s just the two of you, you and your family or a group of friends, anything is possible with

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Ever Wondered What’s Going On In The Nativity Scene? We’ll Break It Down For You

The Christmas season is here, which means that Nativity scenes have begun popping up in store windows and front yards all over the country. Have you ever wondered exactly what’s going on in this iconic Christmas tableau? This helpful graphic will break it down for you! 1. The Baby Jesus: The

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Belvilla’s Seasonal Inspiration: Winter Sports | Belvilla Holiday Homes

Winter Sports: Holiday homes and chalets! There is still time to book a great ski holiday this season. Are you just itching to escape to a fabulous winter wonderland? Why wait? Reserve a comfortable chalet or apartment in your favourite ski resort today! Voor het optimale wintersportgevoel zit

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